Anonymous asked: Cliche as hell I know, but I've witnessed shit. Labels/mags are seeking people who have a following, who can sell out venues and bring traffic to their site. Look at OF, I remember them sending shit to Complex, and people were like, "What the fuck?!" So, that's my advice, get a TEAM people on your level, get into the streets, SO many spots here in NYC (L.E.S especially), but honestly, to start off get a solid team, individuals who support and a similar mentality as you. Peace! You got it man.


I feel you bro. A lot of the people who have approached me to help elevate my music to a commercial level have immediately put their hand out for payola. It didn’t used to be like that. I’ve encountered so many pay for follower scams and “A&Rs” but I guess they have to eat to. I do feel like that’s part of the reason this Industry has become so materialistic though. It’s really hard to trust people after what I’ve been in the past 2 years but I get your angle. I do want to piece something together professional but only people who are truly motivated and have experience. Thanks for the advice bro.