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Anonymous asked: Are you a satanist? I always see you reblog stuff pertaining to Satan I had to ask.


Nah I’m not a satanist or an occultist but I’m a fan of studying religions and their alternates including but not limited to: Christianity, Wicca, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, Voodoo, Occultism and Hermeticism.

The Omen - Wasted Talent

Anonymous asked: Would you rather go in or stay out and what do you do when you do either?


Honestly I’d rather stay in than go out but I’m not opposed to going out. There’s just so much madness in the world and random violence that the one time you decide to go out can be your last so you have to move wisely. Especially when you’re a black man.. trouble seems to follow us.

When I go out it’s typically to eat, shop, or socialize. When I stay in I probably cook and get stoned or I sleep. 

farfromsimplicity asked: heyyyyy fuck faceeee



Anonymous asked: yo i'm having trouble approaching women, what is the best advice you can give?


Don’t fear rejection. Rejection is a part of life. Once you dispel the fear of rejection you will gain a lot of confidence with women. 

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