The Omen.
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irievisions asked: I love you and your music. whats ya instag?


Thanks. My Insta is @iAMTHEOMEN

Anonymous asked: Awesome. Do you suscribe to a religion or go to church? Are you affiliated with Nation of Islam?


No no and no. I study independently for my own gratification. EVERY religion not just one. If I had to categorize myself I’d say I’m a spiritual deist. I’m not as godless as most would like to think.

Anonymous asked: Are you a satanist? I always see you reblog stuff pertaining to Satan I had to ask.


Nah I’m not a satanist or an occultist but I’m a fan of studying religions and their alternates including but not limited to: Christianity, Wicca, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, Voodoo, Occultism and Hermeticism.

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